Harpy 2021

Saturday 30 October 7.30pm 2021
National treasure Su Pollard gives a one-woman tour-de-force performance.

Birdie’s a hoarder. The neighbours call her a harridan and a harpy, although most have never even met her. They see her hoard, as a hazard for house prices. But it isn’t rubbish. It’s her life’s work and it exists because years ago something deeply cherished was stolen from her; Birdie’s not been able to give up anything since.

She’ll do anything to get this priceless thing back. Anything at all.

National treasure Su Pollard gives a one-woman tour-de-force performance in this razor- sharp and bittersweet dark drama from Fringe First award winner Philip Meeks (Kiss Me Honey, Honey!, Murder, Margaret and Me).

“Pollard is effortless...she delivers a powerful performance which has the audience hooked from the thunderous entrance straight through.” Edfest Mag ★★★★

Tickets: £20 (£18)

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When & Where

Brunton Theatre
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Saturday, 30 October